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Who is Moshadee? A Liberian Musician In Sweden

Updated: 2 days ago

African music, particularly the Amapiano and Afrobeats genres have been reeling out hits after hits for dance halls, Instagram, and Tik Tok galleries in recent years. Without exception, Liberian music are also found trending on these platforms, which highlights the talents of Liberian musicians. A Liberian musician based in Sweden, who goes by the stage name, Moshade is slowly but surely making his musical presence on these outlets and across dance halls in Europe, Africa, and elsewhere.


Frankly Penhun is known as Moshadee, an artist born in Liberia, who started his musical journey at a young age while in junior high school in Liberia. When Frankly got old enough, he realized his special talent to sing and perform, Frankly immediately started nurturing his gift by performing at events, talent shows, and opening up for renowned Liberian artists at concerts in Liberia.

Frankly later traveled to Ghana to escape the Liberian Civil war. Whilst in Ghana, he continues to sing and ma