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Thanks & Appreciation To Everyone!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Liberians residing in Sweden, under the umbrella organization of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA once again revealed their loyalty to their motherland, Liberia on July 23rd and 24th weekend. The LSA hosted a two day festivity on the said weekend in Stockholm, the Swedish capital to commemorate Liberia's Independence Day. The festivity brought together Liberians and friends of Liberia from across Sweden, Scandinavia, and the UK. According to sources close to the LSA leadership, "the festivity was made possible through the tireless efforts of the LSA leadership and some prominent members of the LSA community."

"Although Liberia's actual Independence Day is July 26th, which fell on a Monday of this year, the leadership decided to celebrate this magnificent day on the weekend prior to the July 26th because Monday is usually a hectic day and people are usually very busy", said Mrs. Winifred Sandy. Secretary General of LSA.

As the aforementioned weekend draw closer, Liberians and friends of Liberia pulled into Stockholm to attend the festivity. Having been separated by the covid-19 pandemic for little over two years, this was the perfect time for Liberians to get together once more. Many considered this time of the year (summer time) to be a great time to meet up and rekindle relationships with old friends and established new ones.

To kicked off the weekend, a meet & greet event was held in Norsborg, the suburb of Stockholm, where many Liberians and friends of Liberia came out to celebrate till 03:00 AM. People danced non-stop to hit songs from one of Stockholm's finest DJs, DJ Junior.

The height of the festivity took placed on Saturday, July 24th with a outdoor event at the Vårby Gård Strand. This event created great euphories for kids and adults! From the look at things, the kids were the focus point of the activities. According to the Vice President of LSA, Mrs. Koo Y. Joseph, "because we have not been able to host our usual Kids Day Event for the past two years due to the covid-19 pandemic, we decided to make the kids our focus point at this year celebration - to include them in nearly every aspects of the celebration." In terms of the cost that came with including the kids into the activities, Mrs. Joseph added that "we took a significant amount of money from the LSA account to purchase items that we believed would make our plans for the kids come to fruition, which was, to make sure the kids enjoy themselves and create lifetime memories. A great thanks to our President, Mr. David Ford and Financial Secretary, Mr. Eric Galafaie for approving our budget."

Mrs. Joseph further added that "the Kids played games, participated in dancing competitions, and enjoyed food and drinks that were prepared by the LSA planning committee". Judging from their smiles and laughter, it can be said that the kids had an awesome time. According to one mother "my kids have not had so much fun in a long time especially with the covid-19 restrictions." Another mother added that "I wish more activities like these can be organized for the kids, especially when schools are closed for the summer break. Seeing our kids playing together like this is a good thing, I like it!".

Miss Zinnah Sandy, an outstanding mother in the LSA community took to the microphone to coordinate the kids activities. Miss Sandy used her charm to persuade the kids to participate in most of the abovementioned activities.

"Wow....thank you everyone! We made Liberia proud", Mr. Ford told members of the LSA community through a WhatsApp post on Sunday, July 25th, a day after the events. According to Mr. Ford while speaking to LSA Media team, he indicated that "it was a great day, the whether was nice, the kids had a great time, the music was fabulous, and Liberians and friends of Liberia came out in great numbers to celebrate as one big family."

However, it appealed for a brief moment as those the event was going to be disrupted by the abrupt restrictions put in placed by the Swedish Authority. The restriction banned people from grilling outdoor to avoid fire hazards. But, through the quick intervention of Mr. & Mrs. Francis and Jackie Mensah, Mr. Barry Karmoh and the LSA leadership, the issue were quickly resolved. An alternative option was provided for people to grill instead of using charcoal.

As a token of appreciation, the leadership of LSA Stockholm Headquarter extends thanks and appreciation to the following LSA leaders for attending and supporting the events: Mr. Tejan Fahnbullah, Chairman, and Miss Ayo Wuo, Vice-Chairperson of the LSA Malmö Chapter; Mr. Sekou Konneh, Secretary General of LSA Norrland Chapter; and Miss Ami Jabateh and others who represented the LSA Goteborg community.

The leadership also extend thanks and appreciation to the following communities in Stockholm for their support: the Sierra Leonean, Ghanaian, Guinean, Ugandan, Kenyan and Nigerian communities.

Until next time, the LSA leadership encourages everyone to keep safe, and appeals to Liberians in Sweden to continue to be good representatives of Liberia!

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