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Mr. Mensah Birthday Celebration!

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Mr. Francis Mensah, the former president of the Liberian Swedish Association (LSA) celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday on December 29, 2019 in Älvsjö Stockholm. The occasion was attended by high profile delegates from the Liberians, Kenyan, Swedish, and other communities in Sweden.

Wow.....the party hall was beautifully decorated with gold and black colours, delicious food was served and lots of drinks was available to choose from, and the DJ played classical old school music from the 80's to graced the occasion. During the celebration, the LSA new leadership headed by Mr. David Ford and LSA community men and women expressed touching comments to Mr. Mensah and his wife, Mrs Jackie Mensah for their sacrifices and services rendered to the Liberian community in Sweden. Afterward, the women of the Kenyan community also expressed graceful birthday wishes and praises to Mr. Mensah for his dedication to his wife/family and to the Kenyan community in Sweden. In return, Mr. Mensah narrated a brief history of his life journey in Sweden and thanked all Members of the Liberian community for attending his birthday party and for their support and words of encouragement. In addition, Mr Mensah thanked his wife and her family, and the women of the Kenyan community for their support and for standing by him and accepting him as a son and member of the Kenyan community.

Below are some pictures from the party.


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