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Once again as the world celebrates another Christmas and is about to enter into a New Year, the leadership of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA extends Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all Liberians living in Sweden. The leadership wishes and prays that every Liberians in Sweden enjoys all the happiness and joy their holiday can hold and that the magic of the holidays fills every corner of their hearts and homes with love, joy, and laugher always throughout the coming year, 2022.

As it is widely known, we’ve gone through a year (2021) that was filled with lots of challenges. It was highly reassuring to know that the LSA leadership could count on some of LSA's members and supporters regardless of the challenges we faced. For this, the LSA leadership across Sweden extends personal and genuine appreciation to members and supporters of LSA for their valuable contributions to this organization in 2021.

According to the LSA President, Mr. David Ford the LSA enjoyed a great deal of success in 2021 despite the invaded challenges imposed by covid-19. Mr. Ford indicated that the LSA enjoyed increases in memberships, due payments, and proceeds from events. Such success can not be attributed to the leadership alone but to the efforts, support, and hard work of all members and supporters of LSA that contributed one way or the other to the LSA. Once again the leadership says "Thank you for your dedication, loyalty, and commitment to the LSA and its leadership in 2021."

The leadership also thank everyone for their patience in 2021 while they strived to introduce changes in LSA that were deemed necessary to revamp and elevate the LSA. "We understand that introducing changes in an organization such as ours can be difficult for many people to comprehend and quickly adapt to at first, which can be uncomfortable for some. But now that things are starting to take shape and the needed results are been revealed, people are now starting to see things from different perspectives and accept that such change(s) was necessary," said Mr. Ford. The leadership believes that if the LSA will have to move from its status quo to growth, hard decisions are needed to be made and lots of things are to be done differently.

In this regard, the leadership thanks and appreciates those of you who participated in various committees during these processes, such as amending the LSA's constitution, resolving conflicts, installing discipline, etc. "your contributions were valuable for the well-being of these processes and our dear organization. You all showed a great deal of patience, disciplined, and determination to work in all the fuss. Thank you and we are really happy to have you as part of our team in 2021," said Mr. Ford.

Now that we are about to enter a new year, the leaders encourage and hope that all Liberians in Sweden will be more united and supportive of each other and the LSA in 2022. Such attitudes are needed for the well-being of every Liberian in Sweden because from the look at things, we all are connected one way or the other. Our willingness to adhere to these pieces of advice will be admirable by the leadership and will reflect well to those outside our community.

The leadership wants to also use this opportunity to call on Liberians in Sweden who are not active in LSA to kindly do so in 2022. To reiterate, the LSA is the umbrella organization for all Liberians living in Sweden, therefore, all Liberians in Sweden are encouraged and welcome to fully participate and contribute to LSA without any form of discrimination or whatsoever.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year once again!

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