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"All Funds Go to the Less Fortunate"

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

"All Funds Go to the Less Fortunate", with particular emphasis on children living with disabilities. This was a touching proclamation made by the three co-founders of the "KINGZ & QUEENZ" non-profit organization, Jessica Tellewoyan, Lisa King, and Odell Scott Jallah. The ladies who reside in different parts of Sweden proud themselves as close friends who saw the need to combined forces to kick start an initiative with the aim of raising funds to help underprivileged and disabled orphan children in their country of origin, Liberia.

In a Zoom interview with a member of the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA’s media team, the three ladies expressed that after seeing countless of disturbing images of less fortunate children in Liberia on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp, especially during these times of the COVID-19 where the posting of such images have significantly increased, they decided to do something to help out.

According to the ladies these types of images are heartbreaking and unbearable to look at. In a comparison comment, Odell expressed that "our kids in Sweden are very blessed to have the privilege of having decent food to eat, nice clothes to wear, and a roof over their heads to sleep at night, so it hurts to see other kids in Liberia suffering so much". Jessica and Lisa shared a similar sentiment.

In an additional comment, Lisa added that "most of our children back home do not enjoy such privilege, particularly those living with disabilities. Disabled children in Liberia have very little or no support In terms of access to education and basic necessities, and are highly marginalized due to their disability."

So in order to bring their desire of helping disabled children to fruition, the three ladies have embarked on a fundraising drive under the theme ''The little you give can make a huge impact''. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 18, 2020, at the MALMSJÖBADET in Södertälje from 2 PM to 8 PM. Address Malmsjön 110, 5023 Enhörna Södertälje.

Food and drinks will be on sale at reasonable prices. All profits from this event will go to helping disabled children in Liberia.

In an overwhelming appeal, Jessica, Lisa, and Odell are calling on ALL Liberians and friends of Liberia to come out and support them for a good cause of helping disabled children in Liberia.

In a closing remark, Jessica added that "we are very passionate about this initiative, it means a lot to us to help these children in every way possible. They did not ask to be born as disabled but they find themselves in such conditions, so lets us all kindly join hands together to help them out. You can be of great help to them by coming out to support this event!" 

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