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Welcome to the Liberian Swedish Association, LSA Website, and Blog. At the LSA, we live and spread the message of unity, hope, and compassion. We believe that a single action of unity, hope, and compassion by one of our members can make a difference in our community. And, our collective actions as a community of these elements can make greater differences in and beyond our community. In addition, we work tirelessly through sacrifices, advocacy, and outreach activities to contribute our part to the greater good of each other and to others beyond our community.

David Ford, 
President, LSA


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This is a unique blog for you to explore. This is where you read about LSA weekly activities and unfolding happenings in the Liberian community in Sweden.

LSA is the umbrella organization for all Liberians residing in Sweden with headquarter in Stockholm, and sub-chapters in Malmö, Gothenburg, and Norrland of Sweden. It is a non-profit social organization seeking to unite and foster peace, social integration and communal networking amongst Liberians and descendants of Liberia (Liberians living in Sweden) and Swedes who have lived in Liberia.

Our primary aim is to uphold, preserve and educate Liberians and Liberian descendants born in Sweden, through social activities such as traditional Liberian events (Liberian culture, dance, and festivities), and identify with our community members during difficult circumstances.

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